The Personality of a Scent at Home.

There are so many different layers when decorating that the sense of smell may be underestimated. Home Fragrance simply adds another layer to that personality. Allumé Maison wants to help you match the perfect scent to complete your space, adding a necessary contrast that plays on such a powerful human sense. Here are some tips on which scents pair in perfect unison with your décor style.


If delicate furniture pieces with feminine lines, a soft neutral colour palette and luxe accents define your space, we suggest aromatic floral scents like our Rosewater & Peony fragrance to mimic the allure of fresh blooms so often displayed in these rooms. Classic sensibility relates the smell of flowers with cleanliness and propriety.


In a sleek, contemporary minimal space you want a candle that keeps the ambiance airy and light. Pick a cool, refreshing scent with notes of citrus and greenery like our Lemongrass & Ginger. Don’t go for something sweet.


For a well-travelled look filled with antique furniture and worldly prints, layer on warm, alluring scents such as sandalwood, vanilla and musk which recall spice markets and exotic destinations. You might want to consider trying some unisex appealing fragrances like our Patchouli & Bergamot fragrance with a blend of cedar wood, clove and herbal sage, with notes of lemon and sandalwood. Or our lush Fig Tree which gives the impression of fresh-picked green figs with leafy tones.


We recommend using something more potent in an industrial space. Although woods like cedar, cypress, and pine are natural matches, we suggest finding a scent that makes the room feel comfortable and warm. Select something a little unexpected like our Ebony Wood & Peach to walk in and smell plump ripe peach aroma with a warm ebony wood body that makes you swoon.


A coastal space should connect the indoors and outdoors. To get the right effect, look to local cuisine and nature in seaside destinations and reference those smells in your home fragrance. Try something fresh or salty like our subtle Coconut & Lime fragrance for a creamy citrus fusion.


Parisian décor mixes old, new and traditional design offset by modern art, antiques, and repurposed vintage items. The key is a clean, neutral colour palette with opulent period features and elegant flooring. We recommend our French Pear fragrance that screams of sweetly warm Parisian or our romantic Amber & Marigold to add that certain je ne sais quoi to your space.

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